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Centerville Color Consultation

You have a vision and it comes in many colors.

  • The walls are drab, plain and have no character.
  • There’s no life, no pizzazz, no warmth. 
  • Your mood changes from room to room. 

Choosing a color is more than holding a swatch against the wall.  It’s about tapping into your inner décor design and understanding what makes you function in a particular space.

But those colors must complement one another and flow naturally from one room to the next. 

With hundreds of gorgeous color palates to choose from, how do you select the one that best characterizes your Dayton space?

At Fresh Coat of Centerville, we take out the guesswork.  We have a professional color consultant available, who works to understand your vision and helps you select the colors to make your dream become reality, FOR FREE!

Call now to schedule your FREE color consultation.  Get started on your dream today!

Our certified Centerville color consultants are knowledgable of the top trends in home and office painting and will be able to assist you in selecting the perfect paint for your residential home or commercial business.


Our Color Consultation Services

  • Color Consultation
  • Color Selection
  • Paint Selection
  • Certified Paint Consultants
  • Painting
  • Residential Color Consultation
  • Commercial Color Consultation
  • Paint Samples
  • Color Consultation Tools
  • Eco-Friendly 

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